Taparia 1621-6 Lineman Plier

Taparia 1621-6 Lineman Plier


Keep this pair of Taparia pliers and perform electrical repair, general servicing and other maintenance works by yourself. These pliers are designed to cut, bend and straighten wires, or grip nails and screws when you need to keep them stable.

Fully Insulated Handles
The handles of these pliers are fully insulated with plastic sleeves that let you work safely while performing electrical repair or installation jobs.

Cuts Hot and Soft Wires
The jaws of these pliers are sturdy enough to let you cut and strip wires, both soft and hard ones.

Durable Material
This pair of pliers are forged from durable metal and heat treated so that you can cut metal wires without breaking the teeth. It also ensures that the tool stays intact even when you drop it on the ground by mistake during repair jobs.


◙ Type: Lineman

◙ Overall Length: 6.49 inch

◙ Handle Material: Plastic

◙ Body Material: Steel

◙ Weight: 185 g


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