01 Hitachi - Brush Cutter - CG40EF(L)

01 Hitachi – Brush Cutter – CG40EF(L)


  • Displacement 39.8mL(cc) for model CG40EF(L)
  • Max power 1.7kW for model CG47EF(L)
  • Padded harness for comfortable operation
  • New PureFire engine
  • Meets U.S. (EPA PHASE3) and European(STAGE2) emission standards
  • Displacement 32.2mL(cc)
  • Auger capacity up to 200mm in diameter
  • S-start : Soft and smooth start of recoil
  • Operated by one-person


Displacement CG40EF(L): 39.8mL (cc)
Max Power CG40EF(L): 1.3kw
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,000mL
Dia. of Pipe 26mm
Dimensions(L x W x H) 2,704 x 303 x 577mm
Dry Weight CG40EF(L): 11.5kg
Displacement 32.2mL (cc)
Max Power 1.1kw
Fuel Tank Capacity 680mL
Shaft Diameter 25.0mm
Max bit size 200mm
Dimensions(L x W x H) 452 x 300 x 408mm
Dry Weight 8.0kg



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